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Strategic Partnership and Liaison Department

The Strategic Partnership and Liaison Department (SP&L) was created out of the then Consultancy and Special Products Unit and later Public-Private-Partnership Unit. The department is a child of necessity, as it is obvious that the Agency cannot do it alone but to engage strategic partners towards the realization of her mandate. Thus, the department is positioned to manage public/public, public/private partnership, liaise with development partners, provide consultancy services, liaise with external agencies for support and development of MSMEs in Nigeria as well as zonal and state offices management. In the pursuit of the Agency’s mandate, the department provides the required momentum and drive for the development and interventions in advancing the MSMEs sub-sector through partnership and collaborations. The aim of setting up the department was to attract partnership with local and international organizations as well as Ministries, Departments and Agencies of the three tiers of Government. To deliver increased employment generation, wealth creation and poverty reduction as well as to empower and increase the living standard of the people through entrepreneurship and enterprise development. Our aim is to identify, analyze, engage, manage and sustain partners with organizations with different set of values, priorities, resources and competences in MSME innovation and development in line with global trend and best practices. The challenge of any partnership is to bring these diverse contributions together, linked by a common vision in order to achieve sustainable development goals.




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