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What is SPX

What is SPX?

 What is SPX?

Sub-contracting and Partnership Exchange (SPX) is a programme developed by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) over 20 years ago. SPX is a technical cooperation program that links domestic enterprises in developing countries to the supply chains of large domestic or international companies. It has evolved into a global network of more than 75 SPXs in 41 countries.

UNIDO in partnership with the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) has established the 1st SPX in Nigeria and is domiciled at the SMEDAN Business Support Centre in Lagos. The Programme is branded SPX Nigeria.

SPX Programme components in Nigeria

SPX Programme components in Nigeria

The UNIDO SPX Programme builds on global best practice methodology and consists of four main components.

Supplier Profiling

The SPX Team will work alongside enterprises and other related stakeholder associations to catalogue locally produced products and production capabilities of manufacturing suppliers. These Supplier profiles will be shared with major buyer networks.


UNIDO will assist SMEDAN in assisting suppliers in benchmarking their individual companies. SPX Benchmarking compares the operational performance of a company (its results) and practices (how it does things) against those of other companies in their industry. This enables companies to clearly see where they stand in relation to international practices for their sector.

Supplier Capacity Building

SPX Capacity-building supports the suppliers to meet the requirements through various interventions by technology and development partners.  The local SPX team will help form linkages between companies and local development agencies.


The SMEDAN SPX Team as supported by UNIDO, is expected to work directly with key industrial buyer networks to identify specific opportunities and then assist in matching with relevant potential suppliers.

What are the Objectives of SPX Programme in Nigeria?

 What are the Objectives of SPX Programme in Nigeria?

The overriding goal of SPX Nigeria is to promote and raise the awareness and goodwill of the SPX Programme amongst SMEs, buyers and government institutions. The long term aim is to support SMEs in Nigeria to gain a competitive edge to participate in the global supply chain through recognition, participation and involvement of domestic and foreign buyers who are operating at the national, regional (in EAC and SADC member states) and the international level. Ultimately SPX Nigeria aims to upgrade performance of SMEs through supplier development programmes.

The Programme will further help to empower SMEDAN to

i.  Identify forms of investment, both domestic and foreign, with positive impact on the economy

 ii.  Formulate policies to effect changes in the regulatory environment supported by empirical evidence

iii.   Design and formulate effective promotion strategies in furtherance of national development objectives such as poverty   alleviation, SME promotion, technology diffusion, and the creation of balanced development

iv.  Establish and strengthen mutually beneficial linkages between foreign investors and the domestic sector through the         SPX networks and other support programmes offered through the UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion  Offices (ITPOs

 v. Promote industrial integration and technology and to deepen the industrial base of the Nigerian economy.

SPX Nigeria’s Vision: Positioning Nigerian SMEs to be competitive using subcontracting chain mechanism 

Mission Statement: Driving the capacity and competitiveness of Nigerian SMEs towards developing economies best practices

What are the Benefits of SPX Programme in Nigeria?

  What are the Benefits of SPX Programme in Nigeria?

Benefits to Stakeholders

SMES- Supliers

  • Generate new businesses through matchmaking
  • Providing assistance, technical know-how and support to meet standards and needs of large domestic and/or international buyers
  • Encourages export-promotion and import-substitution through subcontracting partnerships.
  • Buyers
  • Extending the local supplier base
  • Identifying, assisting and supporting the development of local supplier capacity
  • Saving foreign exchange through import substitution
  • Establishing the 1st Subcontracting and Partnership Exchange Centre in Nigeria
  • Compliments SMEDAN’s mandate
  • The database developed will provide a snapshot of the selected sectors of industrial base of the economy 
  • Technical know how on Matchmaking, Benchmarking and Suplier Development Programs from UNIDO
  • OPS-Organized Private Sectors:MAN,NACCIMA,LCCI etc
  • Establishing and strengthening beneficial linkages between foreign investors and the domestic sector through the SPX networks
  • Promoting industrial integration and deepening the industrial base of the Nigerian economy
  • Government and Public Institutions
  • Align with NEEDS Policy thrust, strategies on SMEs
  • To attract and expand new FDI flows into the economy
  • Create a window of database for institutions



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