One Local Government One Product

OLOP - One Local Government One Product


what is it about?

The OLOP Program

One Local Government One Product (OLOP) is a development initiative focused on driving economic growth and sustainability by identifying and promoting a unique product or industry within each local government area.

The initiative aims to harness local resources, skills, and potential to create employment, stimulate economic activities, and improve livelihoods within communities.

Through OLOP, stakeholders collaborate to select and develop a product or industry that showcases the region’s strengths and heritage. This program is designed to identify and galvanize rural communities around their natural endowments for wealth creation.

It also seeks to enhance the technical, technological, and business management skills of MSMEs.


Who is it for?

Who qualifies for OLOP

OLOP targets various stakeholders involved in local economic development, including government agencies, local authorities, community groups, businesses, and entrepreneurs.

It is designed for local governments seeking to drive economic growth and sustainability within their areas by leveraging unique local resources.

Entrepreneurs and businesses looking to develop and promote distinctive products or industries in their communities can benefit from participating in OLOP initiatives. It is also open to MSMEs in Agri-business.


What do I get?

Benefits of OLOP

Participants in OLOP initiatives receive various forms of support aimed at developing and promoting a unique local product or industry.

This support includes access to technical assistance, capacity-building programs, and market linkages to help scale up their chosen product.

Additionally, participants benefit from increased visibility and market access, leading to potential growth in sales and profitability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are products or industries selected under the OLOP initiative?

Selection of products or industries under the OLOP initiative is often based on factors such as local resources, market demand, existing skills, and potential for value addition and market competitiveness. Stakeholder consultations and feasibility studies may also inform the selection process.

What support is provided to local governments and stakeholders under the OLOP initiative?

OLOP typically provides support in various forms, including technical assistance, capacity building, infrastructure development, market linkages, access to finance, and promotion and marketing support to help develop and scale up the chosen product or industry.

How does the OLOP initiative benefit local communities?

OLOP aims to stimulate economic activities, generate employment opportunities, and improve incomes and livelihoods within local communities by leveraging their unique strengths and resources. It also helps preserve local culture and heritage associated with the chosen product or industry.

How can local businesses and entrepreneurs participate in the OLOP initiative?

Local businesses and entrepreneurs can participate in the OLOP initiative by engaging with local authorities, development agencies, and relevant stakeholders involved in the implementation of OLOP projects. They can contribute their expertise, resources, and ideas to support the development and promotion of the chosen product or industry.

Where can I find resources or support for implementing OLOP projects in my local government area?

Resources and support for implementing OLOP projects may be available through government programs, development partners, donor agencies, and private sector initiatives. Interested parties can explore funding opportunities, technical assistance, and capacity-building programs to support OLOP initiatives in their local government areas.