Joining SMEDAN can be a strategic decision for any entrepreneur or small business owner looking to G.R.O.W. Gaining access to Guidance, Resources, Opportunities and Workforce support to help them thrive in Nigeria’s dynamic business landscape.


  • Mentorship

    Providing mentorship programs that will foster personal and professional growth, enhance skill development and facilitate the success of small business owners.

  • Access to infrastructure and facilities

    Access SMEDAN owned facilities at significant discounts and concessions, eg: SMEDAN Garment and Textile Hub.

  • Access to Government Initiatives

    SMEDAN is often involved in government initiatives and programs aimed at supporting SMEs, providing you with opportunities to benefit from these initiatives.

  • Entrepreneurship Awareness

    By being part of SMEDAN, you contribute to promoting entrepreneurship and economic development in Nigeria.

  • Networking and Collaboration

    Joining SMEDAN allows you to connect with other entrepreneurs, business associations, and government agencies, fostering partnerships and collaborations that can benefit your business.

  • Legal and Regulatory Support

    SMEDAN assists SMEs in navigating legal and regulatory frameworks, ensuring compliance with business requirements. Eg CAC.

  • Research and Information

    SMEDAN conducts research on SME development, providing valuable insights and data that can inform your business strategies.

  • Market Linkages

    SMEDAN helps SMEs access markets by providing information on procurement opportunities, trade fairs, and exhibitions.

  • Policy Advocacy

    SMEDAN advocates for policies that promote the development of SMEs, ensuring that your interests are represented at the government lev

  • Business Support Services

    SMEDAN provides various services to support the growth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), including capacity building, business development training, and access to market information.

  • Access to Finance

    SMEDAN facilitates access to finance by linking SMEs with funding sources such as banks, Microfinance institutions, and venture capitalists

  • Skill Development

    Through SMEDAN, you can access training programs aimed at enhancing your entrepreneurial skills and improving the overall competitiveness of your business.

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