SMEDAN Select Programme

SSP - SMEDAN Select Programme


what is it about?

The SSP Program

This programme is aimed at empowering MSMEs in Nigeria. It provides support through capacity building, market access, networking, funding, and resources tailored to the needs of participating MSMEs.

Eligible Nigerian citizens who own or manage MSMEs across various sectors can apply for the programme, which offers opportunities for training, mentorship, market linkages, and other forms of assistance.


Who is it for?

Who qualifies for SSP

SSP designed for Nigerian citizens who own or manage micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). It targets entrepreneurs seeking to grow their businesses and enhance their competitiveness in the market.

The programme is open to individuals across various sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, services, and technology.


What do I get?

Benefits of SSP

Participants of this programme receive benefits including access to capacity-building workshops, training sessions, and mentorship programs aimed at enhancing entrepreneurial skills.

Participants also gain opportunities for market access to local, regional and international markets..

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for the SMEDAN Select Programme?

Information on how to apply for the programme, including application procedures, deadlines, and requirements, is usually provided through official SMEDAN communication channels such as their website, social media platforms, or designated application portals.

What types of support are available through the SMEDAN Select Programme?

Support may include access to training and workshops, mentorship, market linkages, funding opportunities, access to technology and innovation, and other relevant resources tailored to the needs of participating MSMEs.

Is there a cost associated with participating in the SMEDAN Select Programme?

SMEDAN typically strives to make its programmes accessible to MSMEs at minimal or no cost. However, participants may need to cover certain expenses such as travel and accommodation if required for participation in specific activities.

How are participants selected for the SMEDAN Select Programme?

Selection processes may vary but are often based on criteria such as business viability, innovation, growth potential, and the impact of the business on the economy. Applicants may be required to submit business plans, undergo interviews, or participate in other assessment activities.

What happens after I am selected for the SMEDAN Select Programme?

Selected participants typically undergo various training sessions, workshops, and other capacity-building activities designed to enhance their skills and capabilities. They may also receive support in accessing markets, funding, and other resources to help scale their businesses.

How long does the SMEDAN SELECT Programme last?

The duration of the programme may vary depending on the specific edition and activities involved. Participants are usually provided with detailed timelines and schedules upon selection.