Women In Self-employment Programme

WISE-P - Women In Self-employment Programme


what is it about?

The WISE-P Program

The Program is a government initiative focused on empowering women through entrepreneurship and self-employment opportunities.

It provides support, training, and resources tailored to help women establish and grow their own businesses.

WISE-P aims to increase women’s participation in economic activities, foster gender equality, and promote the growth of women-led enterprises. Through financial assistance, business training, mentorship, and access to markets, WISE-P endeavors to enhance women’s economic independence, livelihoods, and empowerment within their communities.


Who is it for?

Who qualifies for SPX Program

WISE-P is designed for women entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners seeking self-employment opportunities. It targets women from diverse backgrounds, including rural and semi-urban women in self employment.

Eligible participants are those interested in starting or expanding their own businesses and are committed to entrepreneurship.


What do I get?

Benefits of SPX Program

Participants in WISE-P receive a range of benefits to support their entrepreneurial endeavors. These include financial assistance, business training, mentorship, and networking opportunities tailored to their needs.

WISE-P empowers women to establish and grow their businesses, fostering economic independence and leadership roles.

Participants gain access to markets, resources, and support networks, enhancing their business prospects and sustainability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can women entrepreneurs apply for assistance under the WISE-P?

Interested women entrepreneurs can usually apply for support under WISE-P through designated channels, such as online portals, application forms, or government offices, by submitting required documentation and business proposals as per the program guidelines.

What are the expected outcomes for women participating in the WISE-P?

Women participating in WISE-P can expect various benefits, including increased economic independence, improved livelihoods, enhanced business skills and knowledge, expanded networks, and greater empowerment within their communities.

Are there any reporting or monitoring requirements associated with receiving assistance under the WISE-P?

Recipients of assistance under WISE-P may be required to submit periodic reports, undergo project evaluations, or participate in monitoring and evaluation activities to ensure accountability and effective utilization of resources.