The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency of Nigeria was established through the SMIDA Act 2003, the Agency is the apex statutory Federal Government Institution charged with the responsibility of promoting, coordinating and facilitating the development of the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) sub sector of the Nigerian economy. The Agency thus serves a one stop shop for the development of the MSMEs in Nigeria.

The Exposition of a new brand of standard products from the best of made in Nigeria Products is the intention of this Project amongst others. The Products which were publicly sought and selected across Nigeria, cuts across various sectors such as Agriculture, Fashion, art and manufacturing amongst others. The objectives of the project is to increase access to local, regional and international markets, to support expansion, create brand for made in Nigeria goods and increase awareness to the creativity and standardization of indigenous products.

This catalogue is intended to serve as a reference point of MSMEs, with emphasis on local content within Nigeria especially the OLOP programme beneficiaries. For our products to compete in the international market, they should not only meet the local standards and best practices thereby serving as a launch pad for the development and growth of MSMEs in Nigeria. The uniqueness of this publication cannot be over emphasised and we expect new frontiers to open for the MSMEs in our local market.

SMEDAN believes in the richness of the Catalogue and the aid technology would give to drive access to market for the MSMEs therefore we would recommend the catalogue to all stakeholders. And for those who are e-compliant please visit https://smedan.gov.ng/select/