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The LIFE Program
The LIFE Program
LIFE – Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs – is a program aimed at people starting up, running or working in the micro and small enterprises. Small enterprises represent the largest source of new jobs around the world. At the same time, because of limited financial and human resources, they often struggle to be as efficient as they could be, or to grow beyond their small size.
LIFE is here to help aspiring and established micro and small business owners overcome the challenges to growth and efficiency that they might face on a daily basis.
The LIFE Program does so by showing entrepreneurs and their employee how the use of simple and widely available Information and Communication technology (ICT) can help their businesses thrive. This is done through training by certified LIFE Trainers. The LIFE curriculum is about combining business and technology (see diagram below)

The LIFE Program is relevant to everyone from people still only thinking about setting up their own company to established small business owners who already have considerable experience of running their own company and who are in the habit of using technology in their daily work.


  • They work for a small business, they are planning to open their own micro-enterprise, or they already run their own small business.
  • They are interested in business but they may or may not be familiar with basic business concepts.
  • They use some technology in their business or for personal purposes but they do not maximize the use of technology in their work.
  • They are interested in learning how ICT can help them run their business
  • They are interested in brief, practical and hands-on training
  • They are interested in exchanging ideas and networking with other entrepreneurs from their community.
What are the Objectives of SPX Programme in Nigeria?


As mentioned earlier, the LIFE Program covers the entire evolution of a an enterprise and targets people with varying degrees of experience in business and technology. To best meet the needs of people at different stages of entrepreneurship, the LIFE Curriculum content is split into several Entrepreneurship Levels

IMAGINEis the first level of the LIFE Curriculum. IMAGINE addresses people who have no background in business and who are still only dreaming of setting up their own enterprise. IMAGINE offers them training on business concepts, helping them build the foundations of their entrepreneurial thinking. IMAGINE teaches them different types of business analysis while at the same time introducing them to basic technologies that can be used to build these analyses in a professional manner.

PLANis the second level of the LIFE Curriculum. PLAN addresses people who do not have their own company yet, but who have a good grasp on fundamental business concepts and an idea of the business they would like to start. It teaches them how to translate their idea into a well-researched and structured Business Plan. PLAN introduces further features of the same technological tools covered in the IMAGINE level, giving students the skills necessary to build a flexible and presentable Business Plan.

STARTis the third level of the LIFE Curriculum. START addresses novices in business to help them develop their basic ICT skills so they can run their company as effectively as possible from the very beginning. The START level of the Curriculum is equally applicable to more established micro-enterprise owners who have considerable business experience but who are not in the habit of using information and communication technologies to manage and run their company.

GROWis the fourth level of the LIFE Curriculum. GROW focuses on more advanced technology for- business skills and gives experienced entrepreneurs the chance to learn about more complex technologies. The content of the GROW level of the Curriculum builds on the skills acquired in the START level, introducing more advanced features of certain technologies as well as entirely new solutions, many of which include Web 2.0 components.

INNOVATEis the fifth level of the LIFE Curriculum. INNOVATE addresses experienced entrepreneurs who are looking to optimize their operational tasks by undergoing training on more sophisticated technologies for business. INNOVATE builds on the technologies covered in the previous levels of the Curriculum to give entrepreneurs who are knowledgeable in business and skilled in technology the opportunity to learn how complex applications can be integrated to help them take their business one step further.

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